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An Afternoon at Entice Salon

November 29, 2012
So, I was given the chance to visit Entice Salon and what a great experience it was! I know I’m blogging about it so soon but I wanted to show you what happened before showing you my latest look posts with my new do! Btw, I love the fact that the salon is so clean and neat — Definite plus for someone like me.

Since I know that these sort of hair treatments and such take awhile (believe me) I dressed comfortably and good thing I did! I was lucky enough to get a good seat as well as VERY kind and helpful staff members to help me out. I even got awesome head and back massages in between treatments — Finally! I was dying to have a massage before that, haha!

Awww, the last photo of me with my lovely purple-meets-magenta-meets-pink-esque ombre.. I was sad that it had to go but I wanted to cover it up since I thought it was getting quite old and that the colours weren’t even. Well, it’s now gone and I’m excited to show you all my new do. I hope you guys like it!

I think this was my favorite part of the process. The Miracle Treatment!! It smelled heavenly and the massage that came along with it made it even better! This was to help my hair recover from everything it went through and give it that extra shine. Did you know that Entice Salon is the only salon with this sort of treatment? It came straight from Korea!

After ten minutes they brought out this contraption that squirts out a mist of mineral water. This helps the hair absorb the treatment quicker — Cool right? Well, after the first syrum, the second one with collegen was placed on my hair and again they used this mist contraption to make sure the treatment stays in my hair. Both took about ten to fifteen minutes each with rinsing in between.

Aaaaaaaaaand.. Here’s a tiny little teaser of my new hair!! I know you can’t see it clearly but I want to surprise you all when my blog post comes up! HAHA! As of now, maybe you can all try to guess what I did with it, yeah? Till my first blog post with my new hair!! x

For more info on Entice Salon, visit their Facebook page of why not drop by the salon itself? You can find them at HANSTON SQUARE BLDG. GOLD LOOP SAN MIGUEL AVENUE, ORTIGAS CENTER, Pasig City.
For sure you’ll enjoy the experience!


MetroWear Fantasy

November 27, 2012
Last Sunday, Metro indulged in a touch of whimsy and fantasy, inspired by favorite Christmas stories and characters. Metro Magazine, together with Metro Society, takes on this festive spirit with a holiday couture presentation by Philippine fashion’s next wave of couture designers — And what a show it was!

Before the show began, my boyfriend/girlfriend Cams and I decided to snap photos at the photo booth, who could resist? I swear, she and I love these photo booth sort of things. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll see the Purikuras we took! HAHA!

After the fun at the photo booth, we decided to stay by the waiting area of the event and bumped into a friend — The gorgeous Vanessa Matsunaga! She was wearing the most gorgeous dress (I need to get the name of the designer, swear) which was made by the designer! Look at that detail — Spectacular!

After a few minutes the show began. This was my view from where I was sitting, what a good angle for blog photos if you ask me! Btw, at the lower left portion of the photo you can spot Metro Magazines December cover boy Sam Milby next to fellow cover girl Bea Sorianos boyfriend and her as well! Just so you all know, the collections were done by young designers who were given the opportunity to work with and be guided by their chosen mentors.

The first collection was by Joel Escober. He created elaborately designed pieces with the support of senior designer Noel Crisostomo! Joel was inspired by Hark The Herald. If you notice the details one the dress Wendy is wearing (second photo), those are zipper pulls! How innovative right? Very cool!

The second collection was by Martin Bautista who showcased his beautiful feminine aesthetic as inspired by his mentor, top designer Rajo Laurel. This was his interpretation of the Snow Queen. Such simple yet incredibly chic looks! I love the colours he used as well as his fabrics!! Ahhh! LOVE!

Proud sister moment! x

Next up was The Nutcracker collection by Mak Tumang with the guidance of couture master Frederick Peralta. You can clearly see what inspired him with his collection. Loved the hats and BTW, did you know that his shoes are from Parisian which they embellished? Smart idea, right?!

And last but definitely not least: John Herrera’s 12 Days of Christmas collection who took inspiration from his long-time mentor internationally-acclaimed designer Cary Santiago for his elaborate gowns. This collection left me speechless. Amazing. What talent!!

The show ended with each designer allow their muses to take the final catwalk and show off their final looks. What talent we have here in the Philippines — I’m definitely proud!! Each designer gave their own interpretations of each theme given to them and surely made it their own.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the designers, to everyone behind the event and of course to Metro Magazine and Metro Society!! Amazing event, you never fail to impress me with the amazing stage, show and program. Kudos! Till the next MetroWear event!! x

Keeping Up

November 24, 2012
I know I was just tweeting about this event yesterday but I think I like my outfit too much that I couldn’t wait another day before I got to blog about it!! I wore this to the private opening of the Dorothy Perkins and Kardashian sisters Kollection last night and I must say — The pieces are all so gorgeously chic!!

It’s awesome cause now us girls can keep up with the chic styles of the three Kardashian sisters – Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe!! The collection consists of a stunning and sophisticated selection of red carpet-worthy outfits, curve-hugging party dresses, trendy tops and jackets, as well as funky leather bags and sequined purses.

The range of clothes available is meant to keep women dressed in everyday glamour, whatever the season. Now how cool is that? It’s sorta like a one stop shop, great idea right? Kudos to the Kardashian sisters! While working on the designs Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe channeled their inner style. When you go inside Dorothy Perkins, you can expect a touch of each sister in every piece – whether it’s Kourtney’s bohemian chic style, Kim’s glamorous red carpet looks or Khloe’s androgynous and edgier vibe!!

| Top and Leggings: The Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins | Hat: Forever 21 | Heels: Aldo | Ring: Random from a Bazaar |

I felt like a star walking around the mall in this outfit!! I channeled my inner Kardashian sister and came up with this look. I guess I decided to mix all three of their styles together and I’m glad I did so cause I am in love with this ensemble. I’m surely going back to Dorothy Perkins to buy more pieces!!

Since I didn’t want my look to get all covered up with accessories, I kept things simple. One massive connector ring and a cool hat to top off my look. Also, since the Kardashian sisters are known for their signature smokey eye with long lashes type of makeup, I decided to do the same thing that night!

Here are some BTS shots from the shoot with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, they look amazing in the designs I must say! BTW! There are also the Kardashians’ personal picks from the collection like the black lace blouse with lace details from Kourtney, the red-gold bar dress worn by Kim, and Khloe’s lace trench coat which she paired with thigh-high boots.

Kim looks gorgeous! I originally wanted to wear the dress that she’s wearing here but sadly I am not as blessed as she is so I knew I couldn’t do the dress justice and ended up tweaking my look for the event. Although, the fit of the dress was divine!! I love the fabric they used for each piece!!

Last night, many said that my look was very Kourtney-esque and hey, THAT’S COOL! Why not right? I find her style to be the most laid back yet chic beyond words. I love the sequined blazer she has on here, I’m definitely going to buy that! HAHA

Here’s Khloe rocking her leopard printed version of Kims dress. She looks amazing don’t you agree? If you think it looks familiar, Cams wore it to the event! It’s such a great dress, with a ton of character as well! RAWR!

Instagram shots of the event!! HAHA!! Here’s one of myself with my blogger besties, Lissa, Cams and Laur! Don’t we look like a girl group? Haha! Very much like a more fashionable Josie and the Pussycats type of look I must say! Btw, these looks were not planned. It all happened by coincidence!

Oh!! If you wanna buy yourself a little something from this line, head on over to Dorothy Perkins quickly cause the Kardashian Kollection is only available at Power Plant Mall and Mall of Asia. The prices are very reasonable and the pieces are really very chic!! With that said — Happy shopping, girls! x

Wires and Stripes

November 23, 2012
So, how’s everyones week going so far? I for one have been having a really busy but good one! A few days ago I got to attend the soft opening of the BRANDspankingNEW Sperry Top-Sider branch at Bonifacio High Street and got myself some new trainers I’d like to show you all. Yes, I got all excited so I decided to blog about them already, HAHA!

These gorgeous kicks are part of the Milly x Sperry collaboration, that’s for the girls. For the lads, Sperry collaborated with Band of Outsiders — Such cool collaborations!! You should all hurry to the closest Sperry branch (or to the one at High Street at least) and check them out. They only have one pair per size, so luckily I was able to take these home with me! The design is just waaaaaay too unique that I knew I needed to have it!

Since my look seemed to be very casual, of course I had to pile up some arm candy! These helped bring out the gold accents which you can see in my bag as well as my shoes.

I’d love to wear something like this again to a fun music festival or a chill day out with my friends. I threw on a beanie to just switch things up for this look. I know I always wear hats so when I saw this beanie lying around in my room, I just decided to pick it up and well.. Wear it!

| Beanie: H&M | Top: Levis | Leather Shorts: Topshop | Trainers: Milly x Sperry | Bag: Lanvin | Necklace: Mauve | Bracelets (Right Arm): Sperry | Bracelets (Left Arm): Blanca (Skull Bracelets and White Cuff), H&M (Studs) and Primadonna (Spikes) |

For my make up, I decided to go for the whole looks-like-I’m-not-wearing-make-up-look by keeping my lids free of eye shadow, minimum blush, mascara, red lips and white eyeliner. I was in the car experimenting and luckily my makeup turned out the way I wanted it to!

I got these cool Sperry bracelets from two different Sperry events and I don’t know why but I love them! They totally give off this whole chilled out type of vibe when worn. Well, it speaks a lot about how I wish I could just chill and relax but hey! I ain’t complaining — It’s the weekend already, haha! x

Swagger Jagger

November 20, 2012
I don’t understand my new-found fascination with dressing this way but for some reason I think the comfiness of the sweats mixed with the structure of this leather jacket just works so well. I know this look isn’t very ME but fashion is all about experimenting and yeah, I tried my best at doing so now!

Since the look was pretty much monochrome and Earthy tones, I decided to take things up a notch by throwing on some neon arm candy to brighten it up! Don’t you just love them?

I also added a bit more colour with the use of my sunnies. These have got to be one of my favorite pair of sunglasses so far, I love the shape and the shade of the frames!

To make this look a bit more dressy, I decided to wear this very chic chain necklace from SM Accessories. I love how these type of necklaces just help dress up an outfit. It’s also such a great and versatile piece to have cause you can layer them and all that jazz!

| Tank Top: Forever 21 | Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge | Sweats: NTICE | Heels: Aldo | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Necklace and Earrings: SM Accessories | Bracelets: Blanca |

Because of the bulkiness of the sweats and jacket I wanted to keep my earrings simple. These are such gorgeously simple earrings. I’ll surely wear this again and with my hair up so you see it better!!

Okay, it was bloody hot out SO I decided to shed the jacket and show you how my outfit looked like without it on. You know what? If you follow me on Twitter then you might have read that I wished that I could be somewhere cold — Maybe that’s why I have this odd habit of buying jackets and sweaters all the time… Hmmm.

I would definitely wear this outfit when I travel — Minus the heels though. Maybe I’d go for sneaker wedges or something. I know, I know, not very me but I’ll take my chances! HAHA!

When I was drafting this post, the first thing I remembered was that this look reminded me of Cher Lloyds outfit/s in her video Swagger Jagger (hence the blog title). I think she’s got a great voice and an interesting take on fashion as well as tattoos, haha! Enjoy this super fun song!! Cheers!! x