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December 5, 2012


One weekend, my friends and I decided to ditch going to a club and opted to hit up this music festival at the Fort. The Exception music festival to be exact! It was definitely one for the books, it wasn’t the usual music festival here in Manila, from the booths, the music being played and just the over all feel. I thought I was in one massive rave!


The first band we caught was Parokya ni Edgar over at the live stage. Damn, it brought me back to when I used to listen to them at school before the bell rang or during recess and lunch. Good times. They actually ended their set with a song I used to memorize — The Yes Yes Show. Gosh, my friends and I used to remember the lyrics to that song!




That night, I was able to hang out with some awesome friends like Sean, Cams, Bubbles, Laur, Ash Mond, Nick, Frank and many others. We all danced, laughed and just enjoyed the music.


Top it off! Us girls felt like borrowing everyones hats cause we didn’t take hats with us during the festival! HAHA! With that said.. Note to self: Bring a cool hat to a festival next time!


Cams, Laur, Frank, Nick and I with the EMF mascot!


Every single stage set up left me amazed. I felt like I was at an international music festival!





Sister Act: Liz and Laur rocking some awesome hats!


Luckily I caught this photo with my phone! I didn’t post it on Instagram so I decided to save it for my post.



What a cool way to spend your bachelorette party!


What a night! There should be a part deux of the Exception Music Festival, don’t you think so? You just don’t know how happy I am knowing that music festivals are finally catching up here in the Philippines. I’ve been dreaming of going to Coachella (and as much as I am dying to go) I can wait a little bit longer — All cause of these awesome festivals here in Manila. Well, till the next festival! CHEERS! x

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  1. December 6, 2012 8:25 am

    i was able to see you guys there, but i was too shy to say hi. lol

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