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League Of Fashion

April 30, 2012
Last week I along with David were invited to catch the latest fashion show of the League of Fashion graduates. It was a really good show, and I must say — I liked the styling! KUDOS!

David’s cool kicks! This was while he and I were trying to understand how to work our Canon 1100D’s and 50mm Lenses. This came out quite cool if you ask me.

Here are some highlight photos from the first collection. The interns had to play around with some sort of nude colour palette. I love how the looks were all very much their personal style as well as how the entire first segment of the show still looked coherent.

Here’s David being interviewed by Ira Giorgetti about the video he shot for this event. It was a really cool video! If David posts it, I’ll edit this post so that you can see what he came up with.

I’d like to say COGRATULATIONS yet again to all the interns for a job well done as well as snaps to you all for the great styling and very interesting Q&A portion I must admit. Want to know who these interns are? Well then, everyone, meet (in order of photo appearance; left to right) Raymond and Cristina. Chynna and Fay. Louie and Janine. Diego and Remar. Sarah and Chari. Sam and Marianne. Kaye and Adrian and Erica (SORRY I DON’T HAVE A PHOTO OF YOU! I remember trying to take a photo of you but my cam didn’t wan’t to focus, hassle).

After the event they had an awarding ceremony (graduation and peg) and it was over. I got to snap photos with the interns (do email me the shots if you can) and chat with some friends as well. I of course stopped over at Topshop to do some damage to my wallet and good thing I did cause without that spontaneous trip there? I wouldn’t have anything to wear for the festival tomorrow! BITTER SWEET I must say so myself. Haha!

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