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What Is Manila Music Festival?

April 26, 2012
Since you have five days left to educate yourselves on the awesome-ness that is the Manla Music Festival, allow me to shed some light on this topic. Btw, thanks to Peter de Jesus who is a marketing consultant for Manila Music Festival and Interaksyon an online news portal of TV5, a television and radio broadcasting network based in Quezon City, Philippines for all the details I am about to share with you.

Here goes, Manila Music Festival is an event organized by Volume Unit Entertainment, the same group of people that made the extremely prosperous Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. The two day festival that was held last February 18-19, 2011.

The Philippine music scene is exceptional. With the power, enthusiasm, and aspiration that the artists brings on the stage just sets the stage on fire. Filipino performers, bands, DJ’s, songwriters and dancers alike give their heart and soul whenever they perform, making them one of the greatest performers of the world.

Regardless of the humongous number of talents, the number of musical events in the Philippines is very low. Yes, there are rather a number of annual music festivals like Pulp Summer Slam and the San Miguel Oktoberfest, which might I say remarkable, but with the talents that our local artists have, there is basically no excuse not to come up with a bigger event that will leave the world so dumbstruck they won’t even know what hit them.

Now VUE is back for another round of fun and excitement through the art of music. Showcasing some of the greatest musicians both international and local.

So guys Mark your calendars on this coming May 1st this year. In cooperation with Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Ticketworld, Department of Tourism, and Universal Zulu Nation. About 5,000 people will take part and experience yet another historic event in our country’s music scene. DJ’s, Bands, and solo performers around the world will be participating and witness one of the most booming and prosperous event this year. The Manila Music Festival is bound to be an outbreak of melodies, symphonies, notes, beats and lyrics from all music genres.

Here are photos of the venue.. Just so you know based on the first photo, the site is to the right. 10 lane access road.

Say you’re driving down — Pruned and ready for firmness.

Volume Unit Entertainment has two main roles: First is change-making, which they already did and currently doing. Second is to put on an awesome show that will exceed beyond expectations and will defy all limits of imagination.

For those wondering.. Tickets cost 1,545.00 each unless you go for one of the GROUP TICKETS or get a VIP TABLE package. But just so you all know, tickets are now available at all Ticketworld outlets. Call 891-9999 or visit ALSO, visit for more details about the festival! SEE YOU THERE! I CAN’T WAIT!!

OH! I’ll be posing the details on the performers as part of the countdown. Remember, a post about MMF a day! HAHA Stay tuned to my blog to read all about them and to read more on the Manila Music Festival. CHEERS!

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