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Malasimbo ’12

March 16, 2012
This year I was given the most amazing opportunity, and that was to attend the Malasimbo Music Festival. It’s been running for just two years and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. With that in mind, I was beyond excited to head on over to Puerto Galera and just enjoy everything about Malasimbo.

DAY ONE: Let me show you how this festival goes. I didn’t take photos going to Puerto Galera, but here’s what went down on our first night there. Since we got there a little later in the afternoon, we decided to check out the beach before heading up to the venue of the festival. What an amazing place, Puerto Galera.

My friend Jorge’s band Similarobjects played and damn, they were amazing! Click the link to download their songs, they’re something else — And I mean that in the best possible way, really! After that, my friends and I were so tired that some of us fell asleep, I included! Luckily we woke up when my friend Erica was performing! That short disco nap worked btw.

DAY TWO: We were all up early enough to hit the beach, grab a few drinks and scoff down some delicious food! What made the trip even more fun was that even more of my friends starting coming. So the group definitely grew.

The second night was also a ton of fun, much more bands, artists and DJ’s which definitely made that night worth while. SinoSikat? played, one of the coolest drumming bands, Brigada made the all the festival attendees get up on their feet and just dance! They had fire dancers and hula hoop-ers dance along with them. Another was Joe Bataan, a Latin Soul singer, which made a lot of people dance, tap their toes and snap their fingers.

Towards this time at night, this was how a number of attendees saw the festival, HAHAHAHA

Saying that this event was a huge success is an understatement. Now, you all can be the judge of that.

DAY THREE: The day many of us dreaded.. The day we had to leave Puerto Galera. I was actually supposed to extend but I ended up going home, boo. Well, out of some stroke of luck, my friends and I got up early enough to (again) eat, drink and just enjoy the last few minutes we had with the beach.

My sister, Angela!! I love this girl to the moon and back, and she knows that! C! If you read my blog, we miss you mucho. Please come back to Manila!!

After all that, my friends and I had to bid each other, the beach, the music, Malasimbo and Puerto Galera adieu. After that we all pretty much crashed during the bangka ride to Batangas and in the car heading to Manila, which took about 45 minutes to an hour surprisingly?

This was definitely one for the books. And I think I’ll be going back to Malasimbo every year, and a tip for you all? GO TO MALASIMBO! Check out the amazing sights the Philippines has as well as the amazing music, the scenery, the food (I already miss the quesong puti in pandesal and adobo), the aura of Malasimbo and the beach. Till next year, that’s for sure! It is definitely more fun in the Philippines.


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