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The Yabu Experience

January 25, 2012
For the record, this post is pretty late, do forgive me!!
I was running errands in SM and decided to drop by the new restaurant my family friend, Michael (and his family) own called, Yabu. It’s a Katsudon restaurant located at the SM Megamall Atrium. Drop by when you can!

For starters we had some seaweed, tofu and edamame. It was good and light, perfect since we were going to be chowing down on some Katsudon later on.

Apparently there’s this thing you do to the sauce wich requires some sesame seeds, good call by Yabu btw. YUMM!

My mum, sister Pam and I were so stoked when the food came! I tried the Curry Katsudon, which by the way was a good choice, thanks for the heads up, Mike! While my mum had the mixed seafood Katsudon and Pam had the best seller, the Chicken Katsudon.

You know what? With bias aside, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone. From the chic and comfortable ambiance to the delicious food (but of course). You’ll get authentic Japanese Katsudons at a great price, I tell you!

Okay, super funny! The day I ate here had to be the day Divine Lee and Rajo Laurel were there as well. Omg, I was super haggard (from the never ending tasks this week) looking na, that I was so shy to say hi let alone make eye contact!! HAHA! Super funny lang! In the end, Divine Lee approached our table to say bye to mike parents cause they decided to drop by then chat with us and some of their friends at the resto for a bit before leaving

Drop by when you can, trust me, you’ll loooooove it there!

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