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All We Wanted Was A Little R&R

July 17, 2011
It’s a pay day weekend and you just want to relax, what do you do (or what would my mom, sister and I want to do)? Get a massage, relax and take a breather from the week that was. Isn’t it that one weekends malls and other establishments close a few hours later than the usual weekday closing time? Cause that’s what I know. Well, yesterday, I along with my mom and sister Pam decided to leave the house to one, take Pauline out and two to either grab something to eat or to get a massage. It was quite late when we dropped Pauline off so we decided to look for a place to get a massage..

First stop — Lotus Massage. With the logo of the place clearly lit up and a sign on the door clearly said open from 12nn to 12, I went down to check if they could accommodate the three of us. One of their employees came out — followed by two more, not in their uniforms saying that they were closed.. And take this, it was only a little after 11 pm. Laziness. They told us to go to their other branch saying they were also open till midnight — Wait, what about this branch? It said you were open till 12? Odd.

Anyway, our next stop was Ton Tons (since we got turned off by the people at the first place we went to), this place was full so there was clearly no one to hope. So we move to the second Lotus branch which was a few buildings down the road. Again, to our dismay there was no masseuse cause it was a weekend and not much came to work (Kudos to those who attended work that day then). Okay, I understand that it’s a weekend but still! It’s a weekend!! A lot more people have nothing to do and just want to relax (it was a pay day weekend as well). I believe you need more people in your massage places on weekends to accommodate more people since that’s when you’ll need them most (Okay I used the word people too much in this paragraph, I know, do forgive me).

I’m not angry or anything, I just wish some people wouldn’t be so lazy sometimes. I mean I definitely understand the fact that it’s a weekend and all but I guess I would have thought that some establishments knew that, especially those that cater to people, like massages for example. Like, the first Lotus branch we went to was closing about 45 minutes to an hour early? Why? It said you were open till 12? I even remember the girl saying that the employees leave at 12 — So, allow me to suggest that you change your signage. Say that you’re open till 1130 or something since ya’ll leave at 12. I’ve gone to massage places at 1145 and they close at 12 but don’t mind, really! Well, I hope they fix this problem. What a waste, we were all craving for some R&R AND I even heard good things about that Lotus place..


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