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A Freeway Summer

April 1, 2011

For most of us it’s summer already, but apparently I’m not one of you. BUT! I do feel the summer heat, and doesn’t that just make you wanna go out, buy a bikini and head to the beach? Cause that’s just what I wanna do!

This Freeway collection is actually a collaboration with designer, Twinkle Ferraren. Her designs were inspired by a Filipino tribe which she described as, “a modern and female version of the Pintados and tribes”. This is so ironic, to think my friend Tippi and I did our Merchandising midterms inspired by the Pintados tribe, and it was a swimwear line! COOL BEANS! Anyway..

Prepare to have the fiercest summer ever with. And put a bit of naughtiness and romanticism to your summer escapade with Freeway’s wide assortment of summer dresses, shorts and tanks you’ll surely lust for. Perfect pair to tone down after a long day pack of exciting beach activities.

Check out Freeway’s swimsuit collection at For fresher updates, like us on Facebook, search for “Freeway Online” and follow us on Twitter

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