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March 27, 2011
I didn’t get to take look photos on this days but let me share what I did anyway!! Well.. Thursday night, my parents, Pauline and myself had a delicious dinner over at Bon Chon at Ayala Triangle for her despedida (going away party) before she went out that night with her friends cause she left for Bangkok the next day. The wind was perfect that night, it was so nice and cool! I think I should hit up Ayala triangle more often..

Then the next day I went to an interview at Illy in Rockwell. My batch mate from AC, Lourdes contacted me with regards to doing the said interview for her class, I don’t remember which one exactly, but for those who didn’t know — I was so shy! HAHA! With her was another batchmate of mine, Mika and her other group mate Nicole. They were so much fun to be with, I think I even spoke too much. HI LOURDES! HI MIKA! HI NICOLE! I’m so sorry if I couldn’t stop talking.. I love making kwento, haha! I hope your report goes well, say HI to your prof for me! Oh and can I watch it when you’re done editing? I’m so curious about how I looked and sounded! HAHA!

Meet (l-r) Mika, Lourdes, myself and Nicole. Thanks for the super fun interview and the gift! Haha!

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