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Inch By Inch

February 13, 2011
Last Saturday I went to Trinoma (for the very first time) for a class related styling activity for a store called Inches. We all met up at the Store at 10 sharp but before that my mom and I decided to grab some breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee each to get our day started. SO, after that she left and I went to Inches along with Danika. The store had a really good mix of clothes and a wide selection shoes!!Then after a brief explanation of the idea of the activity by our professor and supermodel, Ms Marina Benipayo we started. She appointed Dan and myself as the “heads/leaders” of the activity which was very flattering yet very nerve wrecking as well since I didn’t wanna disappoint the class.. Then the styling went on the way, we decided to play around with monotone colors and gold with a hint of blue.And finally two out of the three finished “products” and the last photo is my teacher Ms Marina with the store owner of Inches. The two of them and unbelievably nice and such fun to talk to! Well, after that my family told me that we were off to the beach.. And we were! What a day, huh? Anyway, outfit post coming up! Oh and Dan and I styled the mannequin with the blue top, gold necklaces, vest, gold chain belt and bandage skirt and the one with a blue cardigan, black top, gray leggings (with leg warmers), fedora, gold accessories and gold heels!
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