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February 8, 2011

Wore this to a very chill school day. For most Monday is the start of their week, but for me it’s Tuesday so do forgive the look! Oh and do forgive the bass-related blog titles. I dunno why artists have a thing for them and putting them on their song titles, HAHA!! Check out one out of the 4 Taylor Swift concert billboards I see when I leave my place, my friend, Dan‘s Vogue Korea September issue and some lovely indigenous printed fabric which we studied in class today..

Anyway, today I had CAD and Roots of Philippine Fashion (which are both so interesting btw). I knew they were pretty much lecture classes so my simple outfit consisted of a red Minnie Muse x Forever 21 cardi, a Forever 21 black tank and acid washed jeans, a black leather Nine West belt and Cathy Jean cut out leather heels. As for my accessories (which I used to dress up my look), I’m wearing a gray and silver multi-layered chain necklace from +Ruckus and a silver cross necklace from Folded and Hung plus a studded leather bag which I bought in Hong Kong.

, SO I decided to try something new with my photos. Instead of sticking to the usual portrait shots I tried the whole landscape type of photos, so to my dear readers, which do you prefer? SPEAK NOW (sorry about at T Swift pun, I just HAD to! AHHA) and SPEAK YOUR MIND! xo

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