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>A Fine Frenzy

December 8, 2010

>Do forgive my “haggard” looking self. I just finished my draping midterms that afternoon and I didn’t really feel like going all out with my outfit. So, I kept it simple with a black tank top, a floral printed skirt and lace up glads all from Forever 21! It’s the perfect go-to outfit when you wanna feel dressed up and yet very comfy at the same time 😉After submitting our works to our prof (see mine below), Ingrid aka Little Red (on [FHQ], which I highly recommend you all to check out! It’s something my friends and I cooked up, check it out, I know you’ll all LOVE it! ♥) and I decided to play around with her new laptop and take a ton of Photobooth shots! HAHA 🙂Oh and for the record. I know I don’t blog anything personal but I just wanna say, mind your own business. Kthanksbye! HAHA 😉 xo ✌

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  1. January 10, 2011 10:07 am

    >Oh my! The outfit I was wearing in my recent post over at Pink MagaLine is similar to this. I think, I got your influence. Haha.

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