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Kate Bosworth stars in Winter Wonderland

December 5, 2012
Recently there was a Christmas film by Topshop released called Winter Wonderland staring THE Kate Bosworth. Did you know that she’s wearing a custom-made Topshop evening dress that she designed in partnership with the Topshop Design Team? The dress and shoes will be available as a special made to order piece on This will be spontaneous with the new Topshop store opening in Los Angeles in February 2013! Now, how amazing is that? WOW! FINALLY! Topshop in California!! Well, before that — Enjoy the Topshop movie, here you go! x


December 5, 2012


One weekend, my friends and I decided to ditch going to a club and opted to hit up this music festival at the Fort. The Exception music festival to be exact! It was definitely one for the books, it wasn’t the usual music festival here in Manila, from the booths, the music being played and just the over all feel. I thought I was in one massive rave!


The first band we caught was Parokya ni Edgar over at the live stage. Damn, it brought me back to when I used to listen to them at school before the bell rang or during recess and lunch. Good times. They actually ended their set with a song I used to memorize — The Yes Yes Show. Gosh, my friends and I used to remember the lyrics to that song!




That night, I was able to hang out with some awesome friends like Sean, Cams, Bubbles, Laur, Ash Mond, Nick, Frank and many others. We all danced, laughed and just enjoyed the music.


Top it off! Us girls felt like borrowing everyones hats cause we didn’t take hats with us during the festival! HAHA! With that said.. Note to self: Bring a cool hat to a festival next time!


Cams, Laur, Frank, Nick and I with the EMF mascot!


Every single stage set up left me amazed. I felt like I was at an international music festival!





Sister Act: Liz and Laur rocking some awesome hats!


Luckily I caught this photo with my phone! I didn’t post it on Instagram so I decided to save it for my post.



What a cool way to spend your bachelorette party!


What a night! There should be a part deux of the Exception Music Festival, don’t you think so? You just don’t know how happy I am knowing that music festivals are finally catching up here in the Philippines. I’ve been dreaming of going to Coachella (and as much as I am dying to go) I can wait a little bit longer — All cause of these awesome festivals here in Manila. Well, till the next festival! CHEERS! x

It’s Jenny From The Block

December 2, 2012
Well, I’m guessing you saw what I wore to the JLO concert, now allow me to blog about the concert itself! I must say, this must have been one of the most fun concerts I have ever been to considering I saw inside one of those suites which are quite far from the stage, haha! I still got to sing my lungs out and dance.. Again! okay, corny. Anyway, moving on! Here are some concert highlights!


You can probably imagine how freakin’ full the arena was, and how loud the screams were that night. She was just electrifying last night, the way she sang and danced left me speechless! Her outfits were shining, shimmering and splendid! Oh and her abs? SO OUT THERE. Damn girl!


My personal favorite part of the show would have to be when she started singing songs from her This Is Me… Then album, it took me back to when I was in grade school and coming up with dance performances for school and such. Good times! That was a fun trip down memory lane I tell you!


I love how she conversed with the crowd, it showed how humble she is and how connected she was with the audience. Such a plus!!


The stage definitely helped in getting the crowed pumped up! The lights and all that jazz surely helped in getting the audience into the mood! Also, she never seemed to run out of energy — How does she do it?


This will definitely be a concert I will never ever forget!! x


Dance Again

December 2, 2012
A few days ago, someone so grogeous and extremely talented graced the Filipino shores with her presence. I’m talking about the one and only, Jennifer JLO Lopez! I will admit, I was pretty bummed out when I saw the ticket prices but by some stroke of luck, I got to watch her do her thing live — DAMN! She was good! BUT! Before I get into my concert post, allow me to show you all what I wore to the concert.


When attending concerts, I love dressing up yet I always make sure to wear pieces which won’t hassle me while singing and dancing my heart out. SO! I went for a non-accessorized look but I wanted to have a statement piece which was my top!!


Since I was in an all black ensemble, I wanted to add some bright hues to help my look still have a bit of colour. I brought out my favorite Furla purse and my new magenta Pedro heels (which look like wedges but I don’t think they are, what do you say?). Also, I took my bright magenta shade of lipstick out to help put all elements together somehow.


I’d have to say that this look is definitely something perfect for concerts and maybe even music festivals (If it’s somewhere quite breezy and cool). Oh and I’m so happy cause my heels were comfy enough to allow me to stand and dance the entire concert! WOOHOO!


| Top: Topshop | Shorts: American Apparel | Hat: Forever 21 | Heels: Pedro | Bag: Furla |


Allow me to talk about my top for a bit, yeah? Well, I love the fact that it’s so versatile. It’s gorgeous enough to be something quite dressy but it’s also nice enough to be worn with casual pieces. You’ll probably see me wearing this again out — But sadly I’ll give it a few more blog posts in between before blogging about it again.. Oh life! #bloggerproblems!! HAHA


I kept my makeup clean, cause I had to keep in mind the fact that I’d be dancing and possibly sweating so I wouldn’t wanna leave the arena looking like a raccoon now would I? HAHA Oh and have any of you noticed my hair? It’s actually ONE COLOUR again!! I’m honestly still trying to get used to it but I needed to do this to get rid of the leftover colours. I’m going to do something about it to give it more character — PROMISE! I just feel so odd having my hair look like this, what do you think?


Well, enough about my look and what I wore — Now let’s talk about J to-the LO! Like what I said here (and on Twitter) she was amazing! What a performer! Each song number, outfit change and dance left me speechless and in awe. She sang songs from her album On the 6 all the way to the recent album and songs.. With that said, I named my blog post after one of my favorite recent JLO songs, Dance Again! Do wait up for the concert blog post — Till then, enjoy! Hahahaha! Do’t worry give it a few minutes and you’ll get to se the post! x


December 1, 2012
While I was shooting the lookbook for Apartment 8 this dress caught my fancy while going through the new arrivals. It’s a type of dress I’ve never owned and may I just add that the style, is really very flattering. So I made sure to take her home! HAHA! Who could blame me? I swear, this dress looks so refreshing and the print is definitely gorgeous!


No black on me for this blog post! Sorry, I feel proud when this happens cause it’s a novelty. I’m sure you all know how much I love wearing that colour. I played around with the vibrant colors and prints seen on my dress so you will notice the colours of my accessories. I ditched black and went for colours!


Check out the print of my dress — I swear, it’s divine!!



| Tropical Printed Dress: Apartment 8 | Heels: Zara | Bag: Givenchy | Gold Chain Braided Bracelet: SM Accessories | Studded Cuff: Blanca | Headphones: Coloud |



Whenever I leave my place, I make sure to take my ever dependable headphones with me cause I want to make sure that when needed, music will save me. May it be cause I just want to keep myself entertained, be relaxed or just keep myself in a bubble for a few seconds then I plug these into my phone and there we go — I’m in another world, a world of my own for a few minutes!


Music solves everything and like what I said when I tweeted a photo of these headphones — Music sounds better with you, and yes, I’m talking about my headphones.. Not a boy! HAHA! The quality of music is superb and swear, it’s so comfy on your head and you can easily adjust the headphones to fit your head and sit on your ears perfectly. Oh and it comes in different colours btw!


When I was thinking of what to name this look of mine, I spaced. So, I decided to do what I always do when I can’t think of blog titles — Hit shuffle on iTunes! After skipping through a number of songs, I came across this song by Little Mix. It’s a great song really, and it’s got a good story, message and meaning behind it. Gosh, these girls can dress and they’ve got such swag — I wish I could be like them!